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Topless vs. Nudist Beaches


Topless vs. Nudist Beaches

Topless, or partial nudity beaches, differ in several ways from nudist or full nudity beaches in several ways, but the reasons for these beaches are much the same. A topless only beach allows only breast nudity, while nudist beaches allow full nudity. Both topless and nude beaches are more common in European countries, although naturism movements are at work in the United States to create more beaches and other venues that allow nudity.

A topless only beach, much like a nudist beach:

  • Will typically be clearly marked where topless and fully clothed areas are designated
  • Expect all visitors to exhibit mature and responsible behavior
  • Allows sunbathers to tan without the restriction of bathing suit tops
  • Offers freedom from normal bathing suit restrictions
  • May have visitors that adhere to the naturist belief in the human body as beautiful and natural
  • May have travelers who wish to simply experience the freedom of sunbathing and swimming topless
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Topless Women's Soccer Team - A Unique Game of Soccer

Topless women's soccer team is one of the most awaited events in the sport. Many years ago, the sport was dominated by men but as the game emerged as one of the most famous sport in the world, it slowly provided opportunities for women to participate in the game. Women players have proved that they can be as competitive as men in the field. This event attracts many crowds especially men, not only because of the sport but the excitement of watching beautiful sexy topless women make it more interesting. The players usually wear panties and bra but some were nothing but thongs in which their skins are painted with the color of their team. The event is participated by many women's team from different countries. In the recently held Euro 2008 match, the team of Australia made its first win when they were able to beat Germany's team with a score 10-0 with the delight of the crowd. The event was organized by one of the chat room websites in the country. The Australian team was very happy with their victory and hope that this would provide moral boosting for their male soccer teams. After the defeat of the Germans, showing great sportsmanship, they joined their opponent having some fun and danced at the beach nearby Danube. Though it the game was not as serious as the men's professional events, the crowd was satisfied and enjoyed a unique game of the topless women's soccer team the most loved sport of all time. By John Escribar

Fake topless tanning is banned from fake French beaches in Paris

In 2001 the French built fake beaches along the River Seine in Paris. Since that time women have tanned themselves just as they tan themselves on every other beach in France. But now the French City Hall in Paris has banned indecent clothing on these beaches. If women are topless, or if they fake it and look topless, they are now banned from the fake beaches and they are told that they have to go to the real beaches to be fake.

In true French fashion , wearing nothing is defined as wearing indecent clothing.

An official from the Paris City Hall, and a sports official at that, Pascal Cherki told the French newspaper Le Parisien that indecent clothing could have led to temptations and dangerous behavior on the banks of the river.

So people must behave according to good standards to maintain tranquillity, security and public order.

Women may not sunbathe topless, may not wear G-strings, and may not look like they are topless or nude or close to it. They have to look decent. They can't even fake it!

Anyone baring too much flesh will be fined and the police have been instructed to enforce the rules.

So if you go to Paris and decide that you want to do some fake topless tanning, don't do it on one of the fake beaches on the River Seine in the middle of Paris. Go to the other real beaches where you can be nude, or fake it, wherever you want.


Bare breast and picket pockets scams


Bare breast and picket pockets scams

 During our last visit to Rome (2001) my wife and I found ourselves face to face with pick pocket artists we had read warnings in Rick Steves Rome book just before our trip. I'll explain how it worked below but first I'm writing to ask what are the latest techniques we should watch out far on our upcoming trip. As we approached the top of the steps leading down to the colosium I saw her ahead on the left side of the walkway. She was holding an infant wrapped in a small blanket (could even have been a doll but not sure). She was still some 30-40 feet ahead of us as I whispered to my wife reminding her of the scam we had laughed about a few days earlier. On the right side of the path was the 2nd young woman also in her early 20's I'd guess but seemed to be completely on her own. They both seemed to be ignoriing us but as we approached the one holding the child turned and began to speak and move in our direction. She then opened her blouse fully exposing a breast as though she was about to breast feed her child. I immediately put my hand on my front right pocket. As I did I struck another hand that was already moving into the very top of my pocket. I turned quickly to find the second girl had moved from several feet away to my right side and was attempting to take my wallet. I yelled NO NO NO and they both yelled back at me and ran. After the shock had passed we both laughed a sorta twisted laugh a little. We could not believe how quickly they had distracted me but for a brief moment which could have ruined our trip. I had also read about some doing a similiar thing but with a newspaper yelling as they stick a paper in your face.

Gottagocit - 01:05am Oct 14, 2007 EST


Topless Beach Babes and Dreaming


 Topless Beach Babes & Dreaming

 Young next door type babes having fun in the sun and getting wet. Girls playing in the waves. Babes laying in the sun getting tanned. If use imagination I can see these beautiful girls bouncing up and down the beach. I can see them lying in the sun. Damn where’s my suntan lotion.  There must be a beach around here somewhere, this heat lamps not doing it for me.  Damn I’m so horny watching these beautiful girls in their skimpy bikinis flashing across my monitor.  

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Topless Beach Babes of Eastern Europe Gallery


Topless Beach Babes - Sneak Peeps Gallery

See a sample Videos Here !!!  

 This had to be one of the Most Incredible days on a Topless Beach Ever.

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