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Fake topless tanning is banned from fake French beaches in Paris

In 2001 the French built fake beaches along the River Seine in Paris. Since that time women have tanned themselves just as they tan themselves on every other beach in France. But now the French City Hall in Paris has banned indecent clothing on these beaches. If women are topless, or if they fake it and look topless, they are now banned from the fake beaches and they are told that they have to go to the real beaches to be fake.

In true French fashion , wearing nothing is defined as wearing indecent clothing.

An official from the Paris City Hall, and a sports official at that, Pascal Cherki told the French newspaper Le Parisien that indecent clothing could have led to temptations and dangerous behavior on the banks of the river.

So people must behave according to good standards to maintain tranquillity, security and public order.

Women may not sunbathe topless, may not wear G-strings, and may not look like they are topless or nude or close to it. They have to look decent. They can't even fake it!

Anyone baring too much flesh will be fined and the police have been instructed to enforce the rules.

So if you go to Paris and decide that you want to do some fake topless tanning, don't do it on one of the fake beaches on the River Seine in the middle of Paris. Go to the other real beaches where you can be nude, or fake it, wherever you want.

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